• To swell opportunities and develop the superiority of survival of children and young adults with disabilities and their families

  • In partnership with public and private organizations as well as other willing individuals to help  needy children

  • To thwart child exploitation and neglect by promoting positive parenting, healthy families and homes where children are valued and loved

  • To create enduring solutions to children affected by poverty, disability, social injustice

  • To provide better care for sick children and investigation into their health problems and further education of those who serve

  • Empowering disadvantaged  children

  • To help children flourish and build, brace and uphold family and community life



  • A world in which every child attains the right to survival, shelter, progress and participation

  • Every child has the prospect of achieving his/ her fullest potential and involve himself/ herself in all aspects of life

  • We envision a world where all children even in the remote areas hold the power to create opportunity for themselves and others.



  • Leadership, Inspiration and Positive Change; we maintain the authority to lead, the creativity to inspire, and the will to foster positive social change.

  • Integrity; we remain true to our mission and work hard to produce quality yield, provide exceptional service to our constituents and maximize the support of our donors.

  • Accountability; we are accountable, individually and in teams, for our behaviours, action and results as well as support effective partnerships with others.

  • Innovation; we strive for continuous improvement in our dealings and also nurture and support creativity as well as the development of new ideas and capabilities.

  • Respect; we recognize people for who they are and embrace diversity. We contribute to a constructive working environment and engage with inclusive consultation and communication.